What Makes Good, Ready-to-Eat Market Food?

Dear FMNS,

What makes good, ready to eat market food?


Looking for Fresh Ideas

Dear Looking for Fresh Ideas,

Feedback from Jamey Coughlin, Manager of the Truro Farmers’ Market, on his trip to Ontario: The most successful market food vendors sell products that can be held in one hand and eaten using your fingers and your mouth only. So, unless your market offers lots of places for people to sit down to eat their food with a knife and fork or a spoon, your vendors will make more sales if they make their food more edible on-the-go.

Another good tip (from me this time!) is to have lots of the food assembled before hand so that you don’t create really long line-ups. My two least favourite market foods are burritos and crepes because they are assembled in front of you and at best leave you feeling frustrated at having to wait so long and and at worst result in paying for something that is burnt or missing bits because the staff are so flustered. The best ‘prepared in front of you’ foods involve an efficient production line and, often, lots of staff or are simple a+b=delicious food in seconds.