Family Friendly Farmers’ Markets

Dear FMNS,

I am a frequent market goer and an expecting mom. I love going to the farmers’ market for more than just food; it is a place for me to connect with friends and meet new people. As a soon to be mom, my needs are changing. Could you provide me with information on what FMNS farmers’ markets around the province are doing to accommodate the needs of market-loving families?


High EXPECTations

Dear High EXPECTations,

First, congratulations on your soon to arrive little one!

Farmers’ markets are a great place for families, offering community, entertainment and, of course, fresh healthy food to keep every family member happy and healthy.

For a new mom, some markets can be a busy place! Get to know those farmers’ markets nearest you; do you enjoy the hustle and bustle of a large market on a Saturday morning or do you prefer to get out and do your shopping at a smaller farmers’ market mid-week. Fortunately, Nova Scotia has a wealth of diverse farmers’ markets across the province – something for everyone.

Some markets, such as the Wolfville Farmers’ Market, are equipped with baby changing tables – a handy feature for new moms. Also, while busy at times, most markets are stroller-friendly, making the balancing act a bit easier. A place to sit, whether to take a rest or to chat with a friend, is also a terrific asset to parents. Most markets are well setup with a few tables and chairs either tucked away in a quiet corner and/or well placed to enjoy the market’s musical entertainment.

Full of energy, creativity and curiosity, children and farmers’ markets have quite a bit in common! As your family grows, your farmers’ market will continue to provide you with fresh healthy food, and, increasingly, entertainment. Many farmers’ markets across the province periodically host activities for children including crafts, simple cooking classes, and entertainers. The Wolfville Farmers’ Market has a children’s table each week during their Wednesday evening market and plans to establish a kids’ club for the summer months. As your children grow, your farmers’ market will also increasingly become a venue for education. The variety of sights, sounds and smells engage children’s senses and their curiosity, making for a perfect backdrop to learn about where food comes from.

Each farmers’ market is unique; diverse wares are on offer, venues differ from restored barns to green fields, and engaging personalities abound. In sharing your question with FMNS farmers’ markets, I received word of one particular vendor at the Yarmouth Farmers’ Market who makes little dolls out of yarn and happily gives them to each child who passes his booth. At the heart of it, farmers’ markets are about building relationships and growing together, seeing familiar faces each week and providing families with safe, healthy food.

Continue to enjoy Nova Scotia’s farmers’ markets, now with baby in tow. Share your concerns and suggestions with your local market and feel free to contact market managers with your questions. You can find up to date contact information for each FMNS farmers’ market on the FMNS website [Find a Market].