Autumn Recipes

Recipes for First Time Preservers:

1. Apple Butter: A delicious intro to preserving methods, this apple butter is made in a crock pot and will keep for two months.

2. Eggplant Preserves: Peel, cut, toss, and cover. This easy eggplant preserve is oh-so-tasty!

3. Canned Peaches: An easy canning recipe that uses honey rather than sugar.

4. Tomato Jam: This sweet and savoury tomato jam will store well into the winter, if you can resist eating it all before then.

5. Peach, Plum and Ginger Jam: A great recipe and fun dialogue about lessons learned when preserving for the first time.

Thanksgiving Staples with a Local Twist:

1. Turkey: The main event in many Thanksgiving dinners. Pre-ordering is advised, but many markets will have on-site options this week. Find a few local turkey producers on the Select Nova Scotia site HERE.

2. Sweet Potato: Roast them with butter or topped with marshmallow, or slice and stack them into rosemary sweet potato stackers.

3. Cranberries: Cranberry sauce, cranberry butter, cranberry cocktails, cranberry cakes, or a butternut cranberry bake.

4. Wine: Nova Scotia wine is the way to go for Thanksgiving. Our bright, light white wines, traditional method sparkling, and refreshing rosé are all great options for Thanksgiving dinner.

5. Bread: Pick up dinner rolls or the base for your holiday stuffing. Try this sourdough, wild mushroom and bacon stuffing.

6. Apples: Put them in a pie or crumble, add them to the stuffing, make a sauce, or try them in this honeycrisp apple sangria!

7. Pumpkin: Skip the can and make your own pumpkin puree at home, then use it in pies, squares, cheesecakes, muffins or in these adorable, delicious pumpkin dinner rolls.

8. Carrots: Great for roasting, glazing and mashing. Pair them with local maple syrup in these maple-glazed carrots.

9. Squash: Roast it, make creamy, comforting squash soup, or pair it with other fresh local ingredients in this sausage and apple stuffed acorn squash.

10. Potatoes: Roast them, mash them, or try them in this caramelized onion and potato gratin with fresh sage.